Stand your truth

Do you stand in for your truth or you prefer it when others say it instead of you, because you are afraid of your own truth?

In this article, we are going to tell you, what happens, when you surpress that inner voice, because of the expecations of other people and what feeling it is, when you have overcome that fear to freely express yourself. I am going to tell you this through a story, which happened in our praxis, because I think it can illuminate this wisdom.

When you do not express your opinions, feelings and thoughts, so if you do not communicate, this means that you are not in flow. Probably you surpress them, because you do not want to cause a conflict by confronting another person, so you dont show your thoughts and feelings.


Unfortunately as time will catch up with you, this will cause you further problems. When your communication is not flowing in two directions, meaning that you listen, but that you also express yourself, this will cause an imbalance on longterm, which will be reflected in your throat chakra by one side being much stronger than the other. Through this not only your throat chakra will get negatively affected, but also your thyroid gland.


Our story begins, when we once had a very young woman coming to our praxis, whose name was Amanda. She was curious to find out, what I could see in her aura. Beforehand we had not communicated and the first thing that she said was that she had the feeling of drowning and that her throat couldnt get enough air and that she had a very serious disease.

I could immediately see that something was not right with her throat chakra.



What is a throat chakra and how does it function?


The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in the human aura. It reveals to us, how we communicate and express ourselves. Through the throat chakra we express happiness, sadness, feelings of love, fear, anger, disappointment, our thoughts, our insights and experiences from our inner world.


During the analysis of Amanda, I had taken notice of something strange. It was as if she a big pipe next to her throat chakra. So I asked her, what it was that she so urgently wanted to communicate with someone, that it was not enough to just have one throat chakra?


At first I thought, that maybe it was a relative, who had died, because in other sessions I frequently saw people subconsiously connecting with their dead relatives and this could be seen energetically.


But in this case, the end of the pipe was not going up, but it darted at someone, who was still alive and this person communicated with her through this channel. Something was there, that she hadnt told me about. Did she have a secret?



What do non-expressed words cause?


When we constantly hold back our opinions, then we do not stand for our truth, because we are afraid to show ourselves how we truely are. Through this surpression, sooner or later, we will lose our identity. We begin to lose touch with our true selves and we forget what we came here for. We have less courage to step on our path and to live freely and responsibly. Of course this will also affect our thyroid gland in developing a hypoactive gland. This hypoactivity causes hormonal imbalances, which often are the cause of obesity.


I asked Amanda, to whom this pipe belonged. Who was it, to whom she so urgently wanted to communicate? Whom could she not let go off?


After a period of silence, she began to tell her story, in a cautious and shy way. She said, that she had never told this to anyone else, because she could not yet comprehend what had happened to her. „It all happened last summer…“, she began, „For a while I have had serious conflicts with my husband and I tried to get back into balance with him, but without any success. So I decided to go on a yoga retreat without him. I wanted to reflect on our marriage, to see it with a little bit of distance. I wanted to find a quiet moment to gather enough strength to decide what this marriage still meant for me. At the retreat center I met a gentleman, who was very attentive towards me and both of us felt, that this was something more than friendship.


The retreat went by so fast and we did not get to talk about, what it was, that has been between us. I tried to forget about this gentleman, but somehow he always came back into my mind. I tried to be rational. I told myself, that he is too old for me, that I have children and a husband and that he has a wife. But the more I tried to surpress these feelings within me, the harder it was to let him go. I became really depressed.


In September I enrolled my son into his new school. When I entered this school for the first time to hand in the application documents, unsuspectedly I started to take notice of the gentleman from the yoga retreat. He was standing there together with some other teachers talking about the start of the new year at school. My feeling of surprise went to extremes, once that I found out that he would be the new teacher of my child.


 I felt really uncomfortable, because I did not know, what I should do. Should I rather go home or should I talk to him? I felt perplexed and almost paralysed. My feeling of guilt was getting more intense. O my god, what am I doing? I have children and a husband…


When I entered into the classroom, it was only me and him, who were in this room. The other teachers had already left. We could not talk, we just sat there in front of each other and simply looked at each other for over 20 minutes.


Then all of a sudden he took my hand and he said:“this is more than just a friendship!“


I could feel how my feet began to shiver, because I knew that he was right. In this moment I wanted to run away, but at the same time something in me wanted to stay there with him forever. All of a sudden I got really scared and told him, that I am sorry, but I have to go now. I got up and slowly exited through the door. I had one last glance back at him and in his eyes I could see the deepest sadness, I had ever seen and I fought with my fears. I would have rather told him the truth, that I also felt this way, but my my thoughts were overwhelmed by my fears, so that I went without saying anything at all…


On the way home, I thought that I would die. I felt such a pain in my soul and I was so sad that I had just left him there.

A month later I became sick, really sick. It was an autoimmune disease.


I could not process what had happened and that I had not been honest with him. The hardest thing for me to realise was, that I was constantly thinking about him and that I lived together with another man.


Despite the fact, that I was leading an empty and cold relationship with my husband, I thought nevertheless that I ought to be loyal to him. Because I was religious, I always believed that we have to stay together.


Our situation became even more embarassing, when I started taking yoga lessons and I realised that he was also attending the same classes with me.


We could not be without each other. During the classes we always sat next to each other, but we never had spoken deeply with one another, only things like: how are you? Is everything alright with you?


But even without words, we could still understand each other. One glance was enough to know everything about the other. For a very long time, we only communicated like this, but after a while I began to feel that this was not enough for me.


I also feel it now that I really urgently want to communicate with him, but I am very afraid of this. I am scared that I would have to realise, that my marriage is doomed and that I have to make choice. I am afraid, because I think that I am not ready yet for a new relationship. What could I say to him?“



Blocked in the throat chakra? But from what?


As we can see through this story, surpressed feelings and thoughts do not only block our throat chakras, but are able to cause a diseases, when we sustain this surpression on longterm. In the case of Amanda it was her fear that was blocking her throat chakra and of course she was not living up to her inner truth.


„As we could not communicate with each other in our everyday reality, I began to communicate with his soul. I began to send him messages, through this imaginary channel, and probably it was this channel, that also you have noticed in my aura. Since then I know, I feel, when he thinks about me and I know that he also sends me messages through this chanel.'


When Amanda had finished with her story, it was clear to me, why she had this channel next to her throat chakra. Because her fear prevented her to express her truth and she could process this truth, she had created an inner world, where she could feel secure. The only problem was that this world was an illusion. She had created a world with her inner communication.

There is a danger that this energetic pipe, which I saw next to her throat chakra takes up the role of the throat chakra, so that the chakra slowly stops to function.


We told her to be cautious not to lose touch with this reality, not to stay in this dreamworld.

She told us, that she sometimes feels as if she is going mad and that she would rather commit suicide. We encouraged her not to give up, because there is a solution to all of this. So we suggested her to write down everything that she could not verbally express. We told her that this would help her throat chakra freeing itself from all these surpressed feelings and thoughts. To write something is a form of communication and it can help to bring the throat chakra into motion. As a next step we advised her to try to talk with this gentleman about her feelings. This would help her harmonize this imbalance within the throat chakra and she would not feel as if she was drowning, anymore.



On the road towards throat chakra harmonization


If we only ever knew, how much stress, misunderstandings and suffering we could prevent by expressing that, which lies within our hearts, then we would probably begin to fall in love with this art of communication, with this of expression our innermost essence.


1. It is very important to express everything that we feel, but this does not mean that we have the right to hurt or surpress other people. The language is a powerful tool of manipulation and we ought to be aware this and rather use it as a help to express our love towards the world. If we use everything that we want to express as a means of co-creation and of enlightening other fellow human beings, then we have succeeded in creating win-win communication between each other.


2. Raise your awareness of each other and try to communicate on a deeper level with your partner. Be attentive, listen to each other, because this is part of the art of communication. Receiving needs much more energy than speaking. Make an investment and listen more.


3. The best method for you to release yourself from the pressure to express something is to bring it on a piece of paper. Start a diary today, where you pin down all the things that make you feel uneasy to express. Write about your feelings, your tasks and challenges that you need to solve.


4. Try to do some excercise with your throat chakra on a daily basis. Try for instance the excercises of Tensegrity by Carlos Castaneda.


5. Try listening to music more often. Sing along, as this will help your throat chakra to harmonize, as the throat chakra is about tonation and frequency.


A month later, Amanda contacted us again. She wanted to get an update on her aura. When I checked her aura, I was really surprised. Her aura was strong and radiant and the energies in circulation. But what surprised me the most was that the energetic pipe next to her throat chakra was gone. Her throat chakra was once again vibrant and circulating. She had much more energy than before.


„This a real breakthrough!“, I told her. „Could you tell us what happened and how did you open your throat chakra?“

„I have managed to make a step forward.“, she told us: „It has taken me some time, but I have come to a decision. I will make the divorce and I have moved together with my new fiance. Finally we live together and I feel like I can fly. I am so happy. My feelings of drowning have passed and my blood test has shown perfect results.“


We were very happy about her success story and that she could get back this inner security through her self-expression, which had helped her to build down all of these unhealthy belief systems that she was carrying. She stopped believing that divorce was a sin. She had enough courage to listen to her inner voice and to follow her and live with her. Her aura was the perfect mirror for her transformation.


With a properly functioning throat chakra you communicate easily and fluently and you do not hold yourself back, when you want to say something. You always communicate from your heart and you can swiftly communicate the uneasy things about yourself and others, which makes them and you approach these negative feeling with pinch of humor and grace.


How many people did you make laugh today?


Author: Edina







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