Sexual Abuse and its Salvation

With this article I am going to show you, what happens, when you are not conscious about your sexual energy and how it becomes destructive for you over time. After this I am going to show you, what happens, when you start to use this power and how it can generate the most powerful change in your life.

Sexual energy is the generator of all changes in our life. It gives us the power and endurance to manifest our deepest dreams and desires. This motor works best, once that we become aware of this infinite power source within ourselves. Everyone is capable to activate it within oneself, we only need to use it correctly.



This was our story with Sylvia:


Once upon a time a very kind, young 20-year-old woman had visited us, who was just about to be married. She could not really say, what was her problem, that she had gotten afraid all of a sudden and her marrriage was just around the corner. She simply did not know why she was afraid. What did her aura show? Maybe her fear could be seen energetically?


 While I was doing the analysis, I noticed that her sex chakra was spinning in the opposite direction. In her case this meant, that she was using her own energy against herself. Why was she so self-destructive? Why did she use this wonderful energy against herself?



What is the sex chakra and how does it work?


The sex chakra is the second chakra from the bottom up. It covers the area of most of our sexual organs. This chakra is about creativity and creation. It reflects our attitude towards our social environment, towards our sexual lifes and how we feel about the topic of reproduction. Together with the root chakra, these chakras are responsible for the joy of human sexuality and also one‘s problems with sexuality.


I asked Sylvia, whether she has had any bad sexual experiences, or even something like sexual abuse in her childhood or in her current relationship, because I could see many signs that were indicating something similar. She was so surprised that she could not even react in the first moment, but instead started to cry. After that she started to talk about her current boyfriend, who was frequently being aggressive towards her. Sometimes, when he had one of his anger attacks, he would also punch her and even sexually abuse her.


I immediately understood what I saw in her aura. The chakra was spinning slower, because of her fear and its going in an opposite direction, because inside of herself she was revolting against this situation. All of the stress that Sylvia was dealing with could be seen within her energy system. Our chakras are so intelligent, that they also show us our unconscious feelings, needs and even traits of our character. In Sylvia‘s case it was clear to me that she could not deal with this situation and that it really was weighing on her soul.



What happens, when you do not use your sexual energies?


When someone constantly surpresses their sexual power or they let other surpress, use or abuse them, then we get more and more stressed out and frustrated. This can have a very bad influence on our relationships and if it stays like this on longterm, we can create physical problems such as migraine, myome and prostate problems.


I asked Sylvia, whether she had any cysts or myomes, because her aura was indicating it.


She said that she has had an ovary infection the week the before visiting us and that the doctor had confirmed, that she various cysts as well.


„I feel as if my doubts are slowly tearing me apart.“, she said.


She told us that there had been a time, when they really had loved each other. They met, when they were 17 and ever since there love seemed to have been growing. For a long time, they were really happy and content with each other and she told that she does not understand what has happened that they have grown so much apart from one another and that her partner had become so aggressive.


„Now all of a sudden, just moments ahead of our supposed marriage, I‘ve gotten cold feet and I dont know what to do. Do I have to take some courage and blow the whole thing off? Can I really say no after these 4 years? But have fitted so well together… Maybe he will change and will once again become so nice and sweet as he had been at the beginning of our relationship. He often tells me that he loves me and he will try to change, but he very often gets these anger attacks and then he just punches me…“


„Do you really love him?“, I asked her.


„I dont know anymore. Yes, I love him, when he is normal. But otherwise I am really afraid of him. I get really confused. When my fear of him is stronger than my love for him, then maybe he is not the right one for me?!



Sex chakra blockage and spinning in the opposite direction; How come?


Insecurity, fears and a chaotic mind all effect our root and sex chakra. All feelings or negative events, that are capable of destroying our feeling of selfworth and our self-image in general, such as shame, guilt, the feeling of being abused, violence (whether physical or just vocal). They can negatively influence our sex chakras and ultimately block it and cause it to spin in the opposite direction.


Her fear directly affected her sex chakra, which why we have suggested her to:


-try to slowly process these feelings (maybe even through a psychologist) and that she tries meditating every once in a while by trying to listen to her inner voice. What does her heart tell her? Also we had recommended her some excercises that she could do while processing these experiences. Once that she gets emotionally more stable, then we told her she could be starting to work with jade stone excercises. This could help her to free up blocked energies and it helps with a general regeneration of the overall energy system of body. She did as we had advised her and…


After a few weeks she came back to get her aura analysed once more…



What you can do, when your sex chakra is blocked?


One of the best solutions is to do a chinese excercise, which is called the „deer excercise“ every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. It is equally good for men and for women. It is a very simple excercise, which can be learned within minutes. It increases the energy flow within your body and that your chakras keep spinning vibrantly. This excercise helps you to increase circulation in your body and in general to reach a new level of energy.


Only for women: Apart from this there are some really effective approaches for women to deal with migrene, hormonal imbalances, depression, cysts, myomas and many more. They are called jade egg excercises and as the name already indicates for this you will need to purchase an egg-shaped jade stone. They help not only in seizing the above mentioned problems, but even more they can help you to tap into an entirely new paradigm of sexuality. Through these excercises, your vaginal muscles will strengthen and thus can also become more flexible at will. These excercises can be found on various websites and in numerous books, but for us one of the best sources in means of practicality and informational data, are the books of Mantak Chia.


Only for men: Massaging the prostate gland is one of the most benificial and rejuvenating ways to increase your stamina and overall creativity. This massage is administered through anus and thus it works best if your partner is doing the massage for you. Again the best source to read up on this topic are Mantak Chia‘s books.


The more we keep on practising these excercises, the healthier and fitter we become. The excecises can bring back a feeling of youthfulness and are able to boost our motivation to extremes.



Two weeks have passed and so Sylvia contacted us once again. In the aura analysis this time I told her that her sexual energies were in circulation again, but that her chakra was still spinning in the opposite direction. If we do not deal with this and try to make it spin in the other direction, chronical cysts will not go away and we can energetically become blocked again.


When I told this to her, she realised that she still did not decide whether she was going to marry her boyfriend or not.


After a few she called again and told us, that she was still going to marry him. She still sounded a bit insecure and I thought that her decision might not be final. So we wished her good luck and a successfull life.


A few months later, we received another call from Sylvia. She was free and happy. Imagine this: she told us that she had cancelled her marriage 1 week prior to its taking place.


„I made it. I managed to listen to my inner voice. I proceeded with the meditations and simultaneously started with the jade egg excercises. I was so stressed during this time, that I needed more and more meditations and excercises, so that I could bring myself back into balance. A week before our marriage, we were fighting once again.


Then all of a sudden it was like I had been struck by a lightening and I could see everything from a different angle. It was like eureka experience. In this moment I asked myself: Where have I been so long? Why did I let this man treat me this way? It was this enlightening moment, which made me understand, that it will not work out anymore with this man. I was very happy and just free. I could let out all of my anger. My partner was shocked. I was screaming at him, conquering my fear and told him everything, what I thought and also what could help us advance from this situation.


At the end I said goodbye to him and that it had been 4 nice years, but that we do not belong together anymore. I packed a few clothes into my bag and left him the same night. This has been the best decision, that I have ever made. I realised that I had suffered enough and that it would be time for me to realise my happiness. I knew that I deserved to be happy. I had tried so many things to bring this relationship back into balance, but now the moment had arrived that I could truely let go of this relationship. So the marriage was cancelled.


Just a few weeks later, when I was just delving into my freedom, I went to the cinema with my girlfriend, where I met a really nice gentleman. He was cute and wanted to take me out on a date. I immediately said yes, because I could feel a real deep attraction between us. I am very thankful, that I went on a date with him, because since then we are together and happy with each other. It feels as if he is carrying me on his hands. He is so attentive and caring and I feel that he truly loves me. I am very very happy.


We were also happy to hear the success story of Sylvia and that she could make this big step in her life.


“I finally realized that I am the only one who is responsible for my happiness. No one except for myself can save me. If I don’t do it, no one will. I have the power to take my life into my own hands and create it as I like it. Also I think that I needed to go through all of these experiences in order to come to this understanding. Everything that happened was necessary for me to go on my path and I do not blame anyone.”


It all depends on you, what kind of life you want to create. Sexual energy is the raw material that can be formed and used for altered creativity and consciousness.


Are you ready to make your dreams come true?


Author: Edina





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