Couples Counseling

Through Aura & Chakra Analysis

Are you also constantly occupied with the following questions?

If so, you have come to the right place to find out the answer

How do I know whether I have met the right partner?


Why does my partner not show his/her feelings?


Why did my partner leave me?


Why do I always attract the same type of relationship into my life?

How can I be more sexually confident with my partner?


Why did my partner cheat on me?


How can I overcome lovesickness?


Should I risk to start an open relationship or not?

Is there a different way?

Can you imagine that we all could have harmonious relationships?

How would it feel to be in harmony with your partner and yourself?


Take a minute and picture this:


You start to communicate with your partner in a way that you never imagined to be possible. You can feel that the two of you flow together. You can resolve your conflicts and smoothen the rough edges that keep you apart. Suddenly you have a wide space of intimacy and trust that envelopes you and your partner and refreshes your sexual life as well. No need to reinforce your male and female roles, because everything just falls into the right place. You begin to see and accept your partner the way he/she truly is and stop projecting a false image on them. All of a sudden a new quality of energy emerges as you move from „I“ to „We”.


A fulfilled relationship

Is there something more meaningful?

Take life into your own hands!




Chakra Diving This first part is about understanding the energies that flow between you and your partner. The aura analysis helps you dive deep into yourself and your relationship.




Mind diving The second part of our services is about understanding the process and navigation of your partnership. It helps you understand at which stage you are in your partnership.




Body diving The last part of our service is meant help you integrate the various parts of the analysis into your life through applying our powerful, self-tested tools.


These are the three parts of Relationship Diving



This is a very special service which helps you discover your own unique energetic imprint. The aura analysis is a wonderful tool to discover a new way of relating to your partner and the world. We often do not realize where the roots of our problems lie. Within the Chakra Diving part you will come to uncover all those hidden fears, blockages and belief sys-ems, which hinder your development and that of your partner. At the same time, you will discover what and where your energetic potentials are, both in your relationship and on your own. The aura analysis can reveal your true self. Afterwards you will slowly start to peel off all the layers which do not belong to you, all the acquired programs and belief systems whether they are cultural, religious or simply dogmatic.




Mind diving Through this service you will receive a descent understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the problems between you and your partner, but also individually. You will become aware of the natural laws that govern your relationship and have access to tools to help you manifest sustainable harmony in your relationship. Any crisis can be overcome and turned into a potential to develop your relationship. Each relationship goes through different stages. With this service you can find out which stage you are at regarding your current relationship and how you can further navigate to find the best way.




Body diving With this service you will receive powerful tools that will help you make your relationship thrive. These tools will not only optimize the overall state of your health but they will also help you create a sustainable and grounded connection to your partner. People around you will wonder and want to find out more about your well-being and harmonious life. This package includes powerful methods regarding sexuality, detox, nutrition and other exercises that you can practice alone or with your partner. We call them the royal tools as they promote a wholesome and holistic approach on your physical well-being and help you build the confidence and dignity necessary to rule your kingdom (physical body).




Our approach is fundamentally different from any other therapeutic methods. It is based on working with your aura. This fine energy structure is not being taken into account by most coaches and therapists. It may take another therapist a series of sessions until they are able to reach down to the core of your problem, the root, so to speak. The aura immediately reflects and reveals everything that simmers in your subconscious mind. Thus it is much faster and easier for you dive into the core of your problem and start dealing with it immediately.


We approach our clients in a very holistic way. We use various different analytical tools in addition to the aura analysis in order to make a proper evaluation of your personality and the issues you need help with. Also due to our experiences with a variety of different healing modalities and ways to reset your mind, we approach each client in a very individual and unique way.


We approach you without preconceived notions. Through our work as well as through extensive travel experiences we have been exposed to a wide range of lifestyles and cultural influences. We think that everyone is unique and beautiful in his/her own way. With us you will feel at ease, relaxed and cared for. At the same time you will also realize that we can only show you the door but you are the only one who is able to walk through it.




1. The most efficient way to improve your relationship is to have a couple’s consultation with us. A shared intent is very powerful and together you are going to be able to solve any problems that arise. To consult with us as a couple makes it easier for us to see where the blockages in your relationship are.


2. It is also effective for you to do the consultation alone if your partner is not interested. Once you start to make a move your partner will have to respond. When you are moving in a new direction your partner will have to make a choice. Some people find compromises but it also happens that sometimes we have to let go of someone while other times we might discover that we had even more in common than we previously thought and we were just lost in a routine. In some cases it can be helpful for your partner not to be present so you feel more comfortable to open up.


3. People currently not in a relationship are equally welcome to contact us for a consultation and an aura analysis. Through the aura analysis you can understand how your previous relationships have impacted you which can help you consciously attract the kind of partner you want!





Are you still not sure, whether our service is the right one for you?


We offer you a 30 day money back guarantee so you don’t risk anything. As we have worked with a lot of different people around the world we are confident that our service works. People had life-changing experiences through working with us. We want to be sure that your money is invested into something meaningful and if you are disappointed for whatever reason we will give you back the full amount you paid for our services.


So go ahead and take the first step toward your new life by contacting us.



Choose the package, which will help you the most.





• Discover your energetic potential

• Dive to the root of your problem

• Become aware of your blockages



• Understand your relationship dynamic

• Discover your relationship patterns

• Learn to navigate your relationship



• Get Powerful tools to change your life

• Learn to put the analysis into practice

• Embody the change you are yearning for


Graphology Reading:

• Discover hidden personality traits

• Work with your subconscious

• Understand your potential


Total Time: 5 x 1 hour




• Discover your energetic potential

• Dive to the root of your problem

• Become aware of your blockages



• Understand your relationship dynamic

• Discover your relationship patterns

• Learn to navigate your relationship



• Get Powerful tools to change your life

• Learn to put the analysis into practice

• Embody the change you are yearning for


Total Time: 1 hour




• Discover your energetic potential

• Dive to the root of your problem

• Become aware of your blockages



• Understand your relationship dynamic

• Discover your relationship patterns

• Learn to navigate your relationship


Total Time: 45 minutes




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Who are we?


We are Edina Hirth and Hannes Häusler, the founders of We are doing aura analysis and relationship coaching. It is our mission to help others grow into their fullest potential by teaching them to navigate their relationship dynamics.


Why would you listen to us?


…because we provide you with genuine support in all of your processes and because we live by the values and lifestyle that we teach you.


…because this is our expertise and because we have spent years in developing and fine-tuning it so we can provide you with the essence of it which can apply in your own life.


…because we practice it on a daily basis working with our clients and on ourselves.




Edina & Hannes:

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Edina shared lots of useful information regarding issues that I previously didn’t have a good understanding of and helped me acquire a more accurate image of myself. While she was reading my aura I noticed that she was already doing the healing work. I was also really impressed with Hannes’ energy work.



Dr. Prof. Tennis Coach



It is pretty awesome how they pass on the wisdom of their own powerful bond and how they acquired it! It is really beautiful to learn about their experiences of love, life, sexuality, fears, energy and mirroring each other which are important things to know in our daily lives regarding twin flames, family matters and other encounters.






Meeting your true self for the first time can be terrifying but it is definitely worth it. And there are people out there who can help. Like Edina and Hannes. Their Chakra analysis always greatly helps me to understand my path and the place where I currently am in my life.



Massage Therapist