Is your heart open or closed?

Do you have a golden heart or a heart of stone?

Do you allow your feelings to surface or do you try to surpress them?

With this article we are going to share with you a beautiful story about what happens, when your heart is closed and what happens, when you open it…

If you do not open yourself for your feelings, you will create a damage that not only affects your energy body, but also your physical body. Our heart can open not only energetically, but physically as well, once that we start to allow our feelings.

In order to open your heart chakra, it can help to deal with past hurts and things still lying around in your emotional cupboard. Reflect on your past, make peace with it and open your heart for the possibility to love and be loved.


Our story starts, when once a nice gentleman, his name was Max, contacted us, because he had problems in his relationship. He wanted to find out whether his aura could reveal to him how to go on. At this point in time, he was not sure, whether he should stay in his relationship or whether he should just move on.


He told us that he had tried many methods and even had visited a psychologist, so that he could get a handle on his problems, but he could never make these essential decisions, which would have helped him move on in his process.


In his heart chakra I have seen an interesting phenomenon. It was way bigger than other people‘s heart chakras, but because it was full of old stories and past hurts, it was energetically really slow. I figured out that his heart chakra was his strongest and most dominant chakra, but that, if he would not deal with his problems, it would then become his weakest point energetically and physically.


He told us, that a few times he had felt intense pressure in his heart.



 What is a heart chakra and what is its function?


The heart chakra shows us how much we are in tune with our feelings, whether we are capable to love and to be loved. The heart chakra is the fourth chakra out of seven and it builds the center of our chakra system.


I asked Max, what it was, that caused such a pressure in his heart. Because I thought that it was not only due to his problems in his relationship. In his aura I could see a lot of old wounds, which mostly stemmed from his childhood. He then told us that he never had a good relationship with his parents. His father left the family, when he was still young and his mother tried to get over it and dissolve her problems, while he kind of got left on the way. Nobody gave him the attention that he deserved. Until this day he could not forgive his parents for what they had done in the past.



What is the danger of closing your heart?


First off all it is not possible to entirely close your heart, because then we would die. We use this phrase only symbolically. But it is possible that our heart chakras start to function really slowly and this is almost as if it were closed.


In my work of doing aura-analyses for the people, I frequently encounter people, who have a closed or partly closed heart chakra, because of past wounds, traumas and pains that they did not process. This is why they automatically close their heart chakras. What follows this is a state, where you are neither able to love or be loved. Because the heart chakra is closed, no feelings can enter and no feelings can leave. This is when the energy begins to move very slowly and stagnantly and this results in us having blockages, energetic knots with almost no flow. The blockage over time turns into an energetic cramp and we in turn get really stressed. And the state of constantly being in stress ultimately leads to unhappiness.


Our story with Max is very interesting, because he came to us with relationship problems, but the root of his problems did not originate there. In his aura I could see from the beginning that the source for his problems could actually be traced back to his childhood.



What effect do non-processed wounds and traumas have on our aura and on our physical bodies?


If we keep an emotional wound or trauma for a long time, we slowly get into a state, where we cannot be open anymore for other people. We get emotionally dumbed down and after a while we get blind towards ourselves and our feelings. The expression of a „heart of stone“ is not to no avail. It very well describes this inner and outer condition.


Of course there is no stonehearted human, just people, who are afraid to allow their own feelings. They surpress them and bury them deep within, so that they do not have to deal with them anymore.


All wounds and traumas, that have not been dealt with – and in the case of Max it was with his parents – take a toll on our chakras and thus they spin slower. If we do not deal with this, then our chakras will become hypoactive on longterm. The chakra loses so much energy, that also our organs will get affected and in this case the heart will get sick.


In our consultation with Max, we have seen, that he had a very strong blockage in his heart chakra, which is why we suggested him to try an inner child meditation. This could help him to resolve his problems with his parents, so that he would be able to understand and accept them as they are.


He said, that his parents have died and that he was sceptical to being able to connect with them. We told him, that he would only have to think about them as if he was meeting them, talking to them and being together with them. And we asked him, what he would tell them, if they actually met…



Heartchakra blockage? Where does it originate?


Lovesickness, disappointment, loss, wounds that we get through relationships and also if we do not allow people to love us or we cannot express our love towards others, all these problems cause blockages within our heart chakra. This is why it is important to always deal with your problems, to talk with each other after having a fight or an argument, before it will affect our energy system. The longer we keep these emotional traces within our aura, the harder it will get for us to clear these issues and the more probable it is that also our physical heart will get affected. In the case of Max it was a massive trace and a severe trauma, which was very hard for him to process and even harder to free himself from.


Two weeks after our consultation with Max, the story went on. Max had visited us for the second time and he wanted to get his aura checked once more. He was very excited about what the aura-analysis would reveal to him now.


I was surprised to see, that his heartchakra was very open. It was a spiral form, flowing, vibrant and full of energy. It emitted beautiful rays of green light and I could see that some deep healing had happened to him. His whole aura was sparkling of refreshing energies.


So I asked our friend, what he had actually done, that his heart had opened so nicely.


„I have just followed your suggestions on making a meditation on my childhood. At the weekend I discarded all of my plans and I decided to do the meditation, because it was very important for me to solve this problem with my parents. I could see and feel, that this problem was in connection with the problem that I was facing in my relationship at the moment. I really wanted to clear my feelings of pain.“


He said, that he had called off all programs for the weekend, shut off his mobile phone and began to meditate. In meditation he was first focusing on visualizing his parents, as if they were still alive and that he was having a conversation with them. When he succeeded with his visualisation, he began to communicate with them. The deeper he went into this conversation, the more he felt like he was lifting off. He was getting lighter and lighter, the more he communicated with them. In this process he became more courageous to also express his anger and disappointment and when he did, it was a great relief.


„Once in this process I felt, as if something in my heart had cracked and after that I could feel my energy rising and flowing freely in my heart region. It was a wonderful feeling, almost as if I was just leaving a prison. You open the door and you just go on, relieved and stronger.


I started to cry. I was crying out of gratitude, because I realized in this moment, that if I had not gone through all of these experiences with my parents, then I would have missed out on this self-recognition and feeling of inner balance and wisdom. I could see a deeper meaning in all of this. Everything happened for a reason. I was able to understand and forgive my parents. I just felt peace and gratitude…“


We were really inspired by his story and encouraged him to proceed with the meditations.



Keys to heal your heart chakra:


In our everyday awareness, we rarely realise what is going on with us energetically, only when it already begins to express itself physically, do we begin to take notice of it. If we would be conscious about all the processes, that go on in our energy system, we would be able to prevent disease and other physical ailments.


This is why it is important that every evening you try to reflect on the current day. Before you go to sleep, try to feel, if there there is something, that you have not dealt with. Maybe someone has hurt you or you surpressed yourself in the communication with your partner or a friend. If you find anything, meditate on it, try to understand it and let it go.


Try to do the „Love Code“ (by Alex Loyd) everyday, because it helps you to open your heart chakra and thus it increases the circulation within your heart.


 And the story with Max went on. After a few days, we received another call from him, where he told us, that he had brought his current relationship to an end and that he finally felt free again, ready to start all over.

Feelings of freedom and unconditional love are signs/proofs for a properly functioning heartchakra. It is when we can observe people or things without prejudices, when we are able to love and to see love everywhere and without any reason we are happy and content. Then our hearts are open. We hope that more and more people are able to have these wonderful experiences.


Do you feel that your heart chakra is open?


Author: Edina






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