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Since I was a little child, I could see energies around the people. I have been a graphologist since 18 years and analysing the aura has taken my abilities to the next stage. The aura-analysis in a way works complimentary with my skills as a graphologist. In the last 5 years I have helped a lot of clients in understanding themselves through the aura analysis. Understanding and analysing the dynamics of energy within a partnership has been one of the greatest assets in the work that I am doing with my clients. It has always been fascinating to me understanding other people through their unique footprint, whether that is the aura or their handwriting. We all leave behind traces in our lifes that can be read like the scientists read the human DNA.


Edina Hirth





I have always been fascinated by the way that people connect with each other. For more than 5 years I have been working as a personal coach for people, supporting them in their relationships. I have created various techniques which can help to overcome and go through challenging times in a relationship. In every relationship there is a potential. If we can find the potential with one another, then we naturally come to understand what makes us connect and what does not. I am working with special methods that can help to activate the male and female energies. Everything on this earth is build up on the joining of these two essential energies. All life stems from there. They are powerful forces for those, who handle them with mindfulness. It is the greatest potential between man and woman. They can together co-create whatever they will put their mind and belief on, as long as these two energies work harmoniously. It is my goal to help you in achieving this harmony.


Hannes Häusler




I went to Hannes and Edina for aura-reading and I am really happy that I did that. Edina told me many helpful things that I didnt really understand before and helped me to get a clearer picture about myself. I felt that at the same time as she was reading my aura, she also was doing the healing and I was really impressed when I did the energy work with Hannes. They gave me also some advice how to work on myself and I like especially the healing code that I am also now practising daily. They made a big impact on my life and I am really grateful that I had the chance to meet them.


Masa Zec Peskiric – Dr. Prof. Tennis Coach

Edina and Hannes are wonderful to work with and they very much are in alignment with the truth of twin flames they are able to do energy work no matter where you are on this globe. They are precise with their sharing and with energy work…… it has been a profound experience for me to work with them and I certainly experienced much in my Outer World after work with them….. after my first session with them I heard from my twin four days later as she was coming back into my life for another short moment….I believe Edina and Hannes are a template for the Twin Flame couple in the new 5d and working in the higher dimensions to awaken other souls and couples to their 5 D world….. it is a gift to be able to work with them I am in the States and they are in Germany and the work was profound thank you both again for your amazing gifts.


Maria Afieris – Physiotherapist

When I was guided to do an aura-reading with Edina, it felt so completely normal, as if someone would look into my heart and tell me how my heart feels, this was very beautiful. Hannes was with her and was telling me all along the way, what kind of herbs I could use on my body and on my mind to go into certain directions. The best of both was, that it was complementary and not at all too far-fetched or aloof, but rational and calm.


Juschka Weigel – Artist

In the aura-analysis and the energetic treatment, that I was doing with Edina and Hannes the inconceivable became conceivable. It was thrilling and personal. They work without a mask, full dedication and keep things natural. Throughout the analysis and the treatment, I felt very much taken care of. They see me as I truly am, naked. I could truly let go and open me up to dive into myself. They helped me to see the shadow aspect of myself and to embrace all of my strengths and weaknesses. They guided me in building up a tangible, real image about myself, which was not always easy, but through their humorous lightheartedness they could help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which helped to solve the problems for myself. In times when I am facing similar problems, now I can still make use of their practical advices. I am very thankful, that you are here. Yours Adel.


Adél Rigler – Organic Fashion Designer

Edina & Hannes – a winning match and a lovely blessing to all of us. First let me just say: thank you. For all your help and the light you spread wherever you go. Figuring out the next move in life and making sense out of all the emotions we have can be a difficult thing and it is so easy to get lost. Especially in today’s hectic and always busy society where the pressure is always on us. We have to jump higher and run faster than others, make money and stress over everything. But are you sure that this is what really matters? Have we got enough time to pay attention to the real values, to just slow down a little and listen?

Meeting your true self for the first time can be terrifying but it is definitely worth it. And there are people out there who can help. Like Edina and Hannes. Lightworkers. Their Chakra analysis always greatly helps me to understand my path and the place where I currently am in my life. The advice they give me through channelled readings is always a gentle but very clear guidance, drawing attention to all those areas that need healing, cleansing or balancing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. I feel very lucky and grateful that I’ve met you guys and thank you again for everything! Peace, Love and Light. Namaste


Gergő Aradi – Massage Therapist

I can only say, that through all the aura-analysis, feedbacks and advises that I got from you, I have profited a lot. Through it I came closer to my real self. With all questions, that I’ve had, you have always directed me to trust in my feelings and find the answer within myself. In a retrospect I can say that this has helped me alot to regain the trust within myself, because through all the talks that we have had, I have always had the feeling of being closer to myself again. What I really appreciate is that you have treated all concerns and problems with such a mindfullness and caring attitude, which in turn motivated me to approach myself in situations, where I would usually be more extreme and aggressive with myself, to be more mindful and in tune with my inner voice. Thank you.


David – Allrounder

When I was for the first time with Edina and Hannes, I had been suffering with pain in my leg because of a slipped disk already since six months. I was very desperate, I could not sit, my condition was unbearable. I had been to many different doctors and tried a lot of healing modalities. Edina could very well see where the core problems were lying. After the treatment, I was feeling much better, the pain was less and I somehow felt free and happy. Also later they have helped a lot on a soul level when I had problems with my daughter or at my workplace. I am very thankful and happy for I always feel at ease and I can let myself go with Edina and Hannes.


Mercedesz Krémer – Dog Trainer

I am very thankful for Edina and Hannes. Honesty, I was skeptical, but after 5 minutes I felt something beautiful happened. I felt, its a beginning of a deep, amazing process. After the meeting with them, I have very personal connection now with my chakras. They helped me find my way out and how I can get there. I see now clearly what my mission is. Step by step I can work on my self. It is a fantastic feeling to see clear!


Jamuna Cseh

The Aura-Reading with Edina and Hannes was staggering. I was very impressed, how clear my chakras and my aura was for both of them and how exactly they could derive and connect my personality and my inner state of being with it. I felt taken notice of and being understood. My view about myself, others and the world has ever since fundamentally changed. Thank you both.



Edina and Hannes’ twin flame union is one of a kind. Passing on the learning and knowledge from their powerful bound is pretty awesome! Really beautiful to know about their experiences about love, life, sexuality, fears, mirrors, energy which are important in our daily lives between twin flames, family and in other encounters. Very inspiring, well explained in a natural way – just like we are and how we attract the other one, with our honest self.

It’s very comforting to know that all you need is to let go of playing any kind of “role” or put on any covers, as your twin flame will tear it down and strip you naked anyway. Thank you so much for sharing all this, it’s really exciting, great energy!


Nadia – Psychologist

The soulreading session with Edina and Hannes was a very intense and touching experience. The clarity and simplicity, with which Edina has read my personality and has brought me closer to myself, was really impressive. And also the energy work with Hannes was extremely powerful and has opened entirely new dimensions within me. It is astonishing how easyily and obviously my first steps on a path with heart followed. I am really happy to have met the two!


Ela – Marketing

Subtle structures in a rational(material) world


We live in uncertain times and a lot of people in their search for a deeper meaning of life and for something that they can hold on to, turn to people, whose viewpoints and practices are generally regarded as spiritual or esoteric. The market reacts to this „spiritual boom“ and thus we see more and more people pop up with various kinds of modules to counsel and advice people on their spiritual path. The decline of the reputation of esoterics and spirituality and the fact that their image has not yet improved, is mostly due to the mass of services being offered, that very often lack seriousness and authenticity. But how can we proof facts, that usually escape our sense-perception, independently? Criticizing is easy, but is it more than a prejudice in the end?


On a quest to find out the truth for myself, I stumbled upon an offer of an aura-analysis through a Berliner Newsletter, so I decided to have a little self-experiment. This aura-analysis was supposed to be held over skype. I was very excited. Could these two people really see my aura? Over skype? And if yes, then what would my aura tell about me?


A complete aura-analysis usually takes between 1-2 hours. I only went for the getting-to-know-each-other-version of ½ hour analysis, in order to get a first impression – and this short time was more than enough to strip me off all of my doubts.


The analysis can be described as a viewing of each chakra. In my case it was done by a very nice and young couple. Both of them have the ability to see the aura of the people – the women has had this ability even since childhood. The reading starts at the top and finishes at the bottom and thus begin with the crown chakra. From the start I begin to notice how much the expression, the form and the color of my chakras reveal about myself, because the couple is very right with their assumptions on how I receive and process informations from my environment. Also the rest of the analysis of my energy system very much reflects the way that I feel about and would estimate myself. On the basis of my aura they describe character traits and skills so correctly, that I get the feeling they „see“ me better than my own friends or people, who are really close to me. The whole conversation is being recorded and for that I am happy, because in relation to my blockages they seem to realize way better than me, with which kind of challenges I am hustleling. Very often I get the feeling that they are dead on with their assumptions and they put, what I have already felt before, into very accurate and nice words. I am impressed and at the same time a little bit shocked, that my aura can be read like an open book just like that – over skype…


I can only recommend the aura-analysis with Edina and Hannes, because I am convinced about their abilities. The topics of the analysis were very personal, but Edina and Hannes have such a trustworthy nature, that I felt at ease and comfortable with them at all times. Furthermore I have noticed that they formulate their observations in a very objective and unbiased way, which helps me to relax and open myself even more. Bertolt Brecht said in that regard, that every judgement, everything that we believe to be the truth, prevents us from developing a deeper understanding. For thus we deprive ourselves of great and important experiences and in this way we reduce our own field of activity and that of the other people. Edina and Hannes conveyed the impression of having worked in this field for long, and maybe it is this professionality, which gives them their freedom of judgement.


As to come to a conclusion I can say that I am thankful for this experience in many respects: not only, because it was such an exciting experience, but because it has definetely given me some insights, that will support me in my personal growing process. In addition to that the experience of „being seen holistically/wholly“ is very rare and has triggered a deep feeling of „being understood“, which I have rarely felt in this form and which I would almost describe as being healing. Thus at the end of the reading a very strong feeling of gratitude streamed through my whole body.


Everyone, who has the possibility for a reading, should definetely do it!



 Von Jessica Schmidt – BerlinFM





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